Montreal in a Box


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The Mix

Pick 7 items from our list and we'll make a custom box just for you!
Base price $45.00
Choose 7 Items (Extra Charges May Apply)

Maple syrup candies
Habs stickers (3 pack)
Hockey puck
Montréal chicken spices (2 x 30g)
Habs shot glass
Maple sponge toffee
Maple popcorn
Poutine chips x 2
String backpack (MIAB)
Small T-Shirt (MIAB) (+$10.00)
Large T-Shirt (MIAB) (+$10.00)
Habs flag (+$5.00)
Schwartz Spices
Postcards (4 pack)
Poutine mix (2 pack)
Coasters (4 pack)
Montréal steak spices (2 x 30g)
Maple syrup (125ml)
Maple tea (20 bags)
Maple sugar
Grocery bag (MIAB)
Maple syrup (250ml) (+$3.00)
Medium T-Shirt (MIAB) (+$10.00)
X-Large T-Shirt (MIAB) (+$10.00)
Habs Tuque (+$10.00)

Montreal in a Box

Montreal Themed Gift Boxes
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